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  • 10 + years of experienced Project Manager
  • 10 + years of experienced Backend Developer
  • 10  + years of experienced Frontend Developer 
  • Latest Technology sets Graphic Designer
  • Multi-field experienced Web Publisher
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A Full Stack of Technologies

Darwin Intelligence saves businesses from the technical drudgery of system development and integration.
- so your team can focus on making higher value decisions.
Java  Spring Framework 4.x
Python 3.7+. Pytorch Lightning
Node.js. Nest.js
Javascript Typescript React. Angular.js







Data-driven CX creates joy through more relevant interactions—making people’s lives easier.

By connecting data across your business, you can uncover insights, improve marketing outcomes, and create lasting relationships.


Our Proven Process


KYC Biometrics

Using voice biometrics for simple customer authentication


Government DX

Korean Government digital transformation with the latest AI technology.


Interactive Live Commerce

Shinsegae TV shopping platform built on React.

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