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We believe there is a better way to work with artificial intelligence.
Businesses need AI solutions. Darwin Intelligence can provide you with that.

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Our story

AI for Real World

In 2020, Jaebum Kim founded Darwin Intelligence to reflect a higher level of artificial intelligence we use in our products and services. We dedicate ourselves to offering our customers the most intelligent and helpful products and services.

We pride ourselves in the AI solution for voice biometrics as the top-notch in our competing markets. We wanted to bring AI solutions that are meant for the real world.

Our values

We Believe in Simplicity

At Darwin intelligence, we are passionate about creating the best solution for actual users. We see an opportunity to improve the experience of AI based products and are excited to work on making the process simpler and easier

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Our History

Worked for you, Growing with you

 It has been important to serve products that improve work productivity and operational profits.

We have been offering the best AI products in the market to empower companies to focus valuable time on more important tasks.


Our Core Values


When you do what you are passionate about, that's how you know the people are driven and working hard, instead of hardly working. With people from multiple backgrounds, we move with forward thinking. 


We provide all the conditions and benefits to keep our specialists growing, nurture their talents and inspire for creativity. People – that is what really matters for us.

Goal Oriented

Nothing is more important than building a system that is easy to use and benefits all teams. AI is here to make our lives easier, thus, giving you more time to focus on what is really important - you. Always build with you in mind.


With partners in Europe and Asia, Darwin Intelligence demonstrates an approach based on true solutions. We collaborate happily and proactively with others (including competitors) to deliver more value.


Underscore innovation. Built on an evolving foundation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the new SID is providing better capture and higher levels of accuracy. Newly define what's possible for voice recognition software.

Lean On The Experts

You don’t have to do it alone. Our team of experts is waiting to help you.

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